Order & Delivery Update – Covid 19

Window and door parts will remain open for orders, as long as the courier service we use is still delivering. Obviously the situation is changing all the time, and if any changes in service effect your order we will notify you straight away. Our regular next day delivery service is no longer guaranteed. Please be patient during this time

As an added precaution please wash your hands before and after handling the packaging and parts.

Below is some information that our courier service DPD has provided in relation to deliveries:

  •  To minimise risk, we can no longer facilitate Collection from Depots. Please don’t ship parcels for Collection at a DPD Depot. Delivery must be directly to the recipient.
  • Do not dispatch goods for delivery to locations which are now closed (schools, universities, pubs, restaurants etc) – these will be returned at your expense 

Reminder about the change to our Proof of Delivery Capture Process;

DPD has ceased passing the driver’s scanner to the consignee to capture a  proof of delivery signature.

Instead, where the consignee is present to receive delivery, the driver will retain possession of the scanner, will request the name of the signatory which he/she will key into the name field and will capture the words C19 in the signature field. Driver will not capture the signature of the recipient. Where “Safe Place” or “Letterbox” options are in place for the delivery, these instructions will be followed.

GPS co-ordinates are captured at the point where the parcel is scanned as delivered. DPD accepts no liability for loss or damage where this new C19 delivery process has been followed by our driver.

This process applies to all deliveries within the DPD Network for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. We will keep you updated as to when we revert to standard practice.

We wish all our customers the very best during this very difficult time