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A question I’m often asked is “what kind of restrictor can I fit on a vertical sash window or a velux window?” The answer until now was that there really isn’t a restrictor that will work and also meet the building regulations.

Keyless Cable Window Restrictor

Newly added to our inventory is the keyless cable window restrictor. This window restrictor is more or less universal. It can be fitted on any type of window, including casement, tilt and turn, vertical sliding sash windows and velux roof windows. The window cable restrictor can also be fitted to doors. It is perfect for balcony doors.

Keyless Cable Window Restrictor Ireland

Keyless Operation – A Building Regulation Requirement

The other main feature of the cable window restrictor is that it has a keyless operation, which is a requirement for the building regulations. There are similar cable window restrictors available but do not meet this building regulation requirements as the can only be released by a key. Below is an excerpt from the building regulations on window restrictors:

Technical Guidance Document K Stairways, Ladders, Ramps and Guards 2014 

  • 2.7 Prevention of falls from windows

“In dwellings where a window has an opening section through which a person may fall, (having particular regard to children under five years old), and is more than 1400 mm above external ground level, suitable safety restrictors should be provided”

“Safety restrictors should restrain the window sufficiently to prevent such falls. Restrictors can be either an integral part of the window operating gear or separate items of hardware which can be fitted to a window at the time of manufacture or at installation. Restrictors should operate so that they limit the initial movement of an opening section to not more than 100 mm. Note: Lockable handles or restrictors, which can only be released by removable keys or other tools, should not be fitted to window opening sections required for escape purposes (see TGD B Fire Safety).”

Building Regulations for Windows for Landlords in Ireland

Two other regulations make reference to the requirement:

  • STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS. S.I. No. 17 of 2017 HOUSING (STANDARDS FOR RENTED HOUSES) REGULATIONS – Regulation 4. Structural Condition – part 3
  • Technical Guidance Document B – Fire Safety 2006 – Windows for Escape or Rescue – 1.5.6 (e)

How To Fit A Cable Window Restrictor

The cable window restrictor is really simple to fit. Simply screw one section to the window frame, and the other section. See our video below on how to fit the cable window restrictor.

Rented Building Regulations for Landlords

The rented building regulations for landlords are something that are continually being updated to help improve the safety of rented buildings. You can find out more information about the requirements for landlords of rented properties in a recent post and if you’ve any questions about cable window restrictors feel free to get in touch!