Cockspur Window Handles - How To Replace Cockspur Window Handle

What Is A Cockspur Window Handle?

Cockspur window handles are a type of window handle used on aluminium and old uPVC windows. The spur (or nose) of the handle closes down over a plastic wedge on the window frame to close and lock the window. Cockspur window handles come in a number of heights. 21mm, 17mm & 13mm are usually found on old uPVC windows and 9mm are found on aluminium windows.

The height of the cockspur handles used on uPVC windows are larger than that used on aluminium windows. This is because the window frames and sashes on uPVC windows are chunkier than aluminium windows. The height (or stack height) is measured from the underside of the spur to the bottom of the handle base.

Cockspur Window Handles For uPVC Windows

In this video, I use an adjustable cockspur window handle. The height of the spur can be adjusted using plastic wedges and screws that come with the handle. Without a wedge the height is 21mm, with the smallest wedge it measures 17mm, the middle size wedge it measures 13mm and with the biggest wedge it measures 9mm.

These cockspur window handles for uPVC windows are available online now and are a fantastic option if you are not sure of the exact height you require.

How to Replace Cockspur Window Handles For uPVC Window

How To Replace Cockspur Window Handles for uPVC Windows

So we can see here there isn’t much left of the old cockspur window handle. The reason the handle broke on this window is because the hinges are broken. When the hinges are strained or broken they do not move freely as they should. This in turn takes extra force to open and close the window, and all the extra force is put on the window handle which causes it to break. The hinges on this window will need to be replaced. Check out our video on how to replace the hinges on a uPVC window

Now in this case the required height is 21mm so we don’t need the wedges that come with the handle.

  • Start off by removing the screws holding the old handle.
  • Use a Stanley knife or sharp chisel to remove any burrs from the old screw holes.  The burrs can stop the handle from sitting flush against the sash.
  • Line the handle up over the plastic wedge.
  • Important – Reuse the existing screws and the existing holes. In a lot of these old uPVC windows, the glazing is situated directly behind the window handle. Using longer screws will break the glass. If you need to use new screws, use screws the same length. If in any doubt of the position of screws, I would definitely recommend removing the glazing before fitting the new handle. You have been warned.
  • Screw the first screw into place, then line up the other holes and screw in the remaining screws.
  • Test the operation of the handle and then to finish the job fit the screw cover cap.

Cockspur Window Handles For Aluminium Windows

With aluminium windows the window handle will nearly always be fixed to the sash with rivets. And the window handle will nearly always be fixed immediately in front of the glazing. So before we start we need to take the appropriate precautions to prevent breaking the glass. I remove the bottom glazing seal and I can see there is enough room to drill out and remove the old rivets. This gap will differ from window to window. It is so easy to accidentally break the glazing when replacing a cockspur window handle.

I would definitely recommend taking out the glazing, replacing the handle and then refitting the glazing.

Replacing Cockspur Window Handles for Aluminum Windows (Glazing Removed)

This is how to remove the glazing.

  • With a flat screwdriver remove the rubber glazing seals from the 4 sides
  • On the outside of the window use a flat screwdriver or paint scraper to remove the glazing beads. In this window the top bead comes out first then the sides, on some windows the sides come out first, so bear that in mind.
  • Remove the glazing, in this case it’s a double glazed unit. You can see the handle rivets here. You can imagine how easy it can be to break the glass
  • Before you refit the glazing make sure the channels or grooves that hold the glazing beads are completely free from dirt and debris. Even a small piece of dirt can stop it from sitting in fully
  • These plastic packers are so important. The glazing sits on top of these. There are a couple of reasons you need these, but the main reason is so you don’t break the glazing when refitting. As you refit the rubber glazing seals, it pushes the glazing out against the glazing bead, if the packers aren’t there, the glazing gets caught in the bottom of the sash as it’s being pushed out and breaks the glass.
  • Sit the glazing on the packers and carefully refit the glazing beads. Keep an eye on where the rivets are against the glazing. If your rivets protrude too far they can also break the glazing.
  • When all the glazing beads are fitted, push out on the double glazed unit. Refit the rubber glazing seals, bottom top and sides. The glazing seals should push in using your fingers. If you are finding it difficult to push the rubber glazing seal into place it could be that the glazing bead isn’t sitting in place properly, Remove the glazing seal and check all the glazing beads are fully sitting in place

So that’s how to remove the glazing. And I would definitely recommend removing the glazing if you have any doubt about the space you have.

Cockspur Window Handles for Aluminium Windows - Window and Door Parts

Replacing Cockspur Window Handles for Aluminum Windows (Glazing Not Removed)

This is the method without removing the glazing

  • Remove the bottom rubber glazing seal with a flat screwdriver.
  • Use a paint scraper and put it in the gap behind the handle. This will protect the glazing as you drill off the rivets.
  • Next fit a metal drill bit into your drill. This is a 5mm drill bit. And carefully drill the heads off the rivets.
  • Remove the old handle base and remove the remains of the old rivets.
  • Drill out each hole
  • The new handle lines up exactly with the old holes. Line up the new handle and fit a rivet into the hole, the rivets I’m using are 4.8mm diameter. Pull the rivet using a riveter. Repeat on the remaining holes.
  • Push back in the rubber glazing seal
  • Test the operation of the handle and to finish off, fit the cover cap

Cockspur Window Handle Replacments

I hope the above guide will help you be able to replace a cockspur handle in your aluminum or uPVC windows but if you’ve any questions about the above feel free to contact me now and will help you out. If you need a replacement cockspur window handle we have them available online now!