Door Locks Ireland - Guide To Replacement Door Locks
Selecting the correct replacement lock can be a bit of a minefield. It is easy to get lost among the many types and variations of door locks. We have made the guide below to help you select the correct replacement door lock for your door with a specific focus on door locks used in Ireland. This follows on from our successful guide about replacing door handles so if you’ve got a problem with a door handle make sure to check that out.

If possible remove the door lock from the door. It will make it much easier to identify and measure correctly.

Door Locks: Lockcase or Full Unit?

Door Locks - Lockcase and Full Unit

The lockcase (or gearbox) is the part of the door lock that does all the work. Think of it like the engine of a car. 99 times out of a 100 if there is a problem with your door lock it will be in the lockcase.

The majority of multi point locks feature replaceable lockcases. Along the centre section of your door lock look for 2 to 3 special shaped screw heads. They will look like a star shape as opposed to the regular cross shape. These screws are Torx screws, and are what secure the lockcase to the faceplate of the door lock. If you need one Torx driver bits are available.

Lockcase with Torx Screw - Replacement Door Lock Parts

Replacing the Lockcase

Replacing the lockcase is the usually the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to fix a broken multi point door lock. Replacement lockcases tend to be cheaper than full unit locks. Because you reuse the existing locking points and faceplate from the old lock, there is little to no adjustment required after the lockcase is replaced.

On some older multi point door locks the lockcase cannot be replaced. The lockcase is welded to the faceplate when the door lock is being made. In this case the whole lock has to be replaced.

Follow steps 1, 2 and 5 in the below guide for information on how to select the correct lockcase to suit your door lock.

1. Logo

Check along the faceplate of the door lock. The vast majority of single point and multi point door locks will have a manufacturers name or logo. There might also be model numbers marked on the faceplate. Here are some examples of the most common door lock brands found in Ireland: Gu, Ferco, Lockmaster, Union, Roto, KFV, Millenco.
This is what they will look like like.
Most Common Door Lock Brands Ireland

2. Centres / Backset

Follow the diagram below. The first size to check is the lock centres. This is the distance from the centre of the door handle lever to the centre of the cylinder. Common lock centres are 48mm, 70mm and 92mm.

The next size to check is the backset. This is the distance from the edge of the door lock back to the centre of the cylinder.

Lock Centers and Backset Guide - Replacment Door Locks

3. Locking Point Types

Next check the type of locking point types and number of them. Below is a picture of the most common locking point types. Latch, deadbolt, roller cam, pin bolt and hook bolt and small hook.
Check the number of locking points. Common multipoint door locks in Ireland

Locking Point Types - Door Lock Replacement Information

4. Distance Between Locking Points

No matter the number or types of locking points measure from the centre of the spindle of the lock to the centre of each locking point.

5. Operation of Door Lock

There are many different types of door lock operations. Below are examples of the most common types.

Lever / Lever Door Locks
The most common type of operation in single and multi point door locks is lever lever operation. In simple terms this means that the door handle lever on the outside of the door and the inside of the door preform the same operation. (eg. pushing down on the handle lever outside will release the door lock latch and door will open. The inside handle will do the same.

Lever / Pad Door Locks
This means that the outside door handle and inside door handle operate the lock differently. The outside door handle (pad side – usually a shorter spade shaped door handle) does not release the door lock latch when pushed down. The inside door handle (lever side – regular shaped door handle) releases the door lock latch when push down. The lever / pad lock requires the key to be inserted into the cylinder and turned to release the door lock latch. There are advantages and disadvantage to this type of door lock. With this type of door lock someone without the key cannot simply push down the door handle and walk into your home. The downside is if you shut the door behind you without the key, you will be locked out

The next types of lock operations are sub types, and can be found in both lever / lever and lever pad door locks. These sub types will be found more so in multi point door locks.

Lever Lift
This is the most common sub type, and is in the vast majority of door locks. The door handle lever is lifted up. This engages the multiple locking points of the lock and then the key is turned to lock it.

Key Wind
These door locks don’t use the door handle lever to operate the multi point locking points. Instead the key is turned several times to operate the multiple locking points other types of door locks like quick locking, electronic, automatic.

Types of Door Locks - Door Lock Replacement Guide

6. Faceplate of Door Lock

Check the width of the faceplate of the door lock. The standard width of the majority of multi point door locks is 16mm.

7. Extra features

Check if there are any extra features on your door lock. The most common extra feature on multi point door locks will be shootbolt attachments to the top and bottom of the lock.

Types of Door Locks

Here are some of the most common types of door locks found around Ireland.

Night Latch Door Lock is used on traditional wooden front entrance doors.
Get an Asec Nightlatch online now.

2 Lever Internal Door Lock is used on internal doors in your home (eg. living room, bedroom doors).
Get a Basta 2 lever lock online now.

Patio Door Lock is used on patio sliding doors.
Get a Fullex patio door lock online now.

Single Point Door Lock is used on older aluminium entrance doors.
Get a KFV mortice lock online now.

Multi Point Door Lock is used on modern aluminum, wooden, uPVC, composite and aluclad entrance doors.
Get a GU Ferco door lock online now.

Multi Point Door Lock Lockcase is used to replace the lockcase on multipoint door locks.
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Suppliers of Door Locks Ireland

We hope this guide about door locks gives you the information you need to be able to correctly choose which lock you need but if you’re not sure then contact us online and we’ll be happy to help. We have years of experience in supplying door locks all over Ireland and haven’t found a lock that we couldn’t replace yet!