Door Seals - Guide To Door Seals - How To Replace Door Seals

What Is The Door Seal?

The door seal (sometimes called the draught seal) is the rubber seal that goes around the door frame and the door leaf. This door seal is a type of joinery seal. This means it sits into a groove that is cut when the door is being manufactured. No glue or pins are needed. Door seals are used on timber (wooden) doors throughout Ireland.

Why Is My Door Draughty? – Door Seal Damage

The door seal can become damaged from sun, weather and wear and tear. This particular type of door seal can be damaged by paint and varnish. As timber (wooden) doors need to be painted or varnished on a regular basis, it is common for the seal to get painted over. The paint causes the rubber seal to become hard and brittle. When the draught seal becomes damaged it doesn’t fully seal the door from wind, which in turn leads to draughts coming around the door seal.

Door Seals Guide Stop Draughty Doors - Door Parts Ireland

The seal on the door frame tends to be the seal that get damaged the most. As it is on the outside it is exposed to the sun and weather. Also the outside of the door needs to be painted regularly, and in turn gets damaged with paint.

How Can I Replace The Door Seal On My Timber Door?

It is a really easy straight forward process to replace the seal on your door. You can watch the video on how to replace door seals below and this is the process for replacing the seal around the door frame.

How To Replace Door Seals - Wooden Door Seals Ireland

  1. Measure the total length of door seal you require. (for a single door – 2.2m for each side and 1m for the top. Round up to the nearest meter. Select 6m)
  2. Grab the old seal with your fingers and pull back. The seal should come away with a little bit of effort.
  3. Starting at the bottom of one of the side, push the door seal into the groove with your fingers and work your way to the top. Use a scissors to cut the seal to the required length (Sometimes paint can hinder the seal from going in smoothly, if this is the case use a wide paint scraper to ease it into place)
  4. Repeat the process for the other side and the top

Note: This door seal is slightly heavier than the door seal commonly found in timber doors around Ireland. The door will be slightly stiffer to close for the first day or two, this will go away as the seal will develop a memory.

Replacement Door Seals Ireland

If you need replacement door seals for doors in Ireland we have door seals for timber doors in stock now! If you’re not sure if the door seals will work for your door then get in touch with us today and we’ll help you seal up your draughty door!