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An Garda Siochana released figures in June 2017 of the most common entry points to homes used by burglars during a break in. 50% of homes were broken into through either the front door or back door. Also in figures released in December 2016 it shows a similar trend.


High Security Anti Snap Door Cylinders

Burglars have become aware of a technique called cylinder snapping that allows them to gain entry through almost any external door in less than a minute. This is a very common method in the UK and has started to become more and more common in Ireland, especially Dublin.

The centre of a standard euro profile cylinder is the weakest point. With the section of the cylinder removed for the cam (this is what operates the door lock) and the hole for the fixing screw, it makes this area very weak. Burglars then use some basic tools to manipulate the cylinder causing it to snap at this point. Leaving the inner workings of the lock exposed allowing the burglar to release the lock and open the door. This can all be done in under 30 seconds. Using a couple of basic tools and making very little noise.

Snapped Door Cylinder - Window and Door Parts Ireland

Bear in mind this method bypasses the lock, so it doesn’t matter if you have a single point lock or a multipoint lock with hook bolts and deadbolts. They can all be bypassed and opened by snapping the cylinder.

What Can Be Done To Protect Against Cylinder Snapping?

The anti snap cylinder was introduced to protect against this form of attack, as well as other common methods like, lock picking, lock bumping and drilling.

An anti snap cylinder will have one or more sacrificial cuts along the barrel (usually about 10mm – 15mm from the edge) of the cylinder. If an attempt is made to snap an anti snap cylinder, it will snap at this point rather than at the centre. Leaving the burglar with a piece of cylinder, and the rest of the cylinder in the lock still protecting the inner workings.

Are Some Anti Snap Cylinders Better Than Others?

The British Standard TS007 uses a kite mark and a star rating system to show different levels of security of replacement anti snap cylinders. A cylinder can either be rated as a 1 star anti snap cylinder or 3 star anti snap cylinder by this standard. 3 stars being the higher rating. Nearly all anti snap cylinders will have a star rating.

The most important thing when choosing an anti snap cylinder is the length. If an anti snap cylinder of the incorrect length is fitted to a door it can offer little or no protection over a standard cylinder.

How To Measure The Correct Length For Anti Snap Door Cylinders?

Cylinders are measured from each edge to the centre of the fixing screw hole. The side of the cylinder that faces the outside (external) is the most important length. This is the side a burglar will potentially attack. It is important that this side of the cylinder be as close to the door handle as possible, and should only protrude past the door handle 3mm at the most. Any further past this and the anti snap cylinder will be no more effective than a standard cylinder.

Watch my video below to correctly measure the correct length cylinder to suit your door.

Range of Anti Snap Cylinders For Doors

Anti Snap Cylinders for Doors - Window and Door Parts3 Star Avocet ATK Anti Snap Cylinder
The 3 Star Avocet ATK is one of the highest rated cylinders on the market.

  • Kite-marked (KM 586153)
  • TS007 3 Star Rated by the British Standards Institute
  • “Sold Secure” Diamond Grade
  • “Secured by Design” Accredited

In my opinion, one of the best features of the Avocet ATK cylinder is that it uses a standard key. Spare keys can be cut in just about any hardware shop. Other 3 star cylinders like the Avocet ABS cylinder use a dimple key. Dimple keys can only be cut using special cutting machines and it is much harder to find a hardware shop that has these machines.

1 Star Asec Anti Snap Cylinder
The 1 Star Asec Anti Snap Cylinder is a great entry level anti snap cylinder.

  • 1 star rated by the British Standards Institute

Special Sized Anti Snap Cylinders

EVVA 27mm / 41mm Cylinder
The most common sized cylinder in Ireland is 30mm external / 40mm internal. These cylinders are fitted to timber doors the length and breadth of the country. The external side of this cylinder (30mm) projects out too far. The EVVA 27mm / 41mm anti snap cylinder is perfect for these doors. It has a shorter external length, as well as the anti snap features.

Eurospec 73mm / 45mm Cylinder
The Eurospec 73mm / 45mm cylinder is a unique sized cylinder that is used on extra thick Passiv and eco doors.

Anti Snap Door Cylinders Available Now!

If you’d like to increase the security in your house and to strengthen your doors then an anti snap door cylinder is a great option. We have all the items mentioned above in stock and available now but if you’re not sure which one you need then get in touch here and we’ll be happy to help.