Buy Hoppe Door Handles Online - Ireland's Favourite Door Handle
Hoppe door handles are defiantly the most common brand of external door handles used in Ireland. (External door – eg. front entrance door as opposed to internal door handles eg. living room door). Hoppe door handles have been used for years by many of the big door manufacturers like Munster Joinery and Senator Windows. They are also a firm favourite of small door manufacturers. It is easy to see why. The design and quality of the range is unrivalled and they offer an extensive range of styles, with a wide choice of colours and finishes to suit every door.

How Can I tell If My Door Handles Are Hoppe Door Handles?

On every set of Hoppe door handles, the Hoppe logo is stamped just above the handle lever. The logo is a hexagon, made to look like a “H”. If you see this logo on your on your door handle then there is no doubt about it – you’ve got a Hoppe door handle!

How Can I tell if my door handle is a hoppe door handle

Hoppe Door Handle Styles

There are many styles of Hoppe door handles, used to suit the countless types of single and multipoint door locks. The two most common Hoppe door handle styles are the Hoppe Frankfurt 70mm centres and the Hoppe Atlanta 92mm centres. The centres are the distance between the centre of the handle lever to the centre of the cylinder.

Hoppe Door Handle Styles - Hoppe Frankfurt and Hoppe Atlanta Door Handles

Hoppe Frankfurt Door Handle – 70mm Centres

The Hoppe Frankfurt 70mm centres door handle are without a doubt the most common set of door handles used in Ireland. These door handles are used to suit the GU ferco multipoint door lock that is used in the Munster joinery timber and aluminium doors. It is also used in doors that have the Ferco 6.35 multipoint door lock. These door handles are available in: Gold, Silver,Black and White.

Hoppe Atlanta Door Handle – 92mm Centres

The Hoppe Atlanta 92mm centres door handles are very commonly found in doors throughout Ireland. They are used by Senator Windows in their uPVC doors. They are also used by countless small manufacturers, and can be found on commercial aluminium doors (eg. schools and hospitals). These door handles are available in: Gold, Silver, Black & White

New Hoppe Door Handle Features

On early models of the Hoppe Frankfurt and Hoppe Atlanta the retaining washer was plastic, which cracked and broke apart over time, causing the handle lever to become loose. Both the Hoppe Frankfurt and the Hoppe Atlanta now feature a metal retaining washer, preventing the handle lever from becoming loose.

Door Handles Available Now!

If you need any Hoppe door handles, or door handles of any description, we have a variety of door handle options available to you. If you’re not sure about what door handle you need then please get in touch and we’ll advise you on what handle will suit your door best!