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Locking window handles are fitted to the vast majority of windows manufactured in Ireland and the UK. The operation of a locking window handle is simple. Push the button lock with your thumb to release the lock and turn the handle lever to open the window. When the handle is returned to the closed position, the window handle locks automatically. Sometimes the push button lock of the window handle can break stopping it from being released. Imitating the symptoms of a broken window espag lock.

How To Tell The Difference Between A Broken or Locked Window Handle And A Broken Window Espag Lock

It is easy to tell the difference between a broken or locked window handle and a broken window espag lock, here is a quick guide so you can spot which is which:

Broken Window Espag Lock Guide - Window and Door PartsA Broken Window Handle Lock: The button lock will push in, but will not release
A Locked Window Handle: The button will not push in and will not release
A Broken Window Espag Lock: The window handle lock releases and the handle will turn, but the window will not open. If this is the case remove the two screws holding in the window handle. Sometimes the spindle from the window handle can become detached (see how to open a broken window espag lock and how to replace a window espag lock videos).
Broken Window Handle Lock: The button lock will push in, but will not release. This is a relatively common problem. Check out my method for opening a broken window handle lock.

How To Open A Broken Window Handle Lock

This method will not work on every type of window handle, but it is the first method I try if I encounter a locked or broken window handle.

  • The first thing you will need is a strong thin piece of flat metal. The belt clip on a measuring tape is ideal.
  • Push the belt clip into the gap between the window handle lever and the window handle base.
  • Gently push the belt clip in and down. The clip will push the lock out of its recess and unlock the handle. It won’t take a lot of force to do this. It might take you a few attempts to get it to release.

When you have the window handle open simply follow the steps in my instructional video on how to replace the window handle on a uPVC window.

How To Open Locked Window Handle

Another common problem is key locking window handles and then losing the window key. This is particularly common with rented accommodation. Former tenants locking the window handles with the key, and leaving landlords or new tenants with locked windows. Again the method and video above is great for temporarily opening windows or opening windows to replace the window handles.

Replacement Window Handle Keys - Window Parts Ireland

Replacement Window Handle Keys

We stock the most common window handle keys used in Ireland. If your window handles are locked but don’t look like any of the handles relating to the window keys we stock then please contact us, we will be more than happy to help you find the right key for your window handles.