A New Year brings with it a great new product for the No.1 online store for window and door parts in Ireland. The new arrival is the Nico Window espag lock. The Nico window espag lock is an almost direct replacement for 3 of the old mila GR window lock sizes, the GR40, GR60 and GR80.

Perfect Replacement for Old Mila GR Espag Locks

As the comparison pictures show, these three sizes are practically the same and even have the same screw holes. The espag locks are so similar you can reuse the same screws (on the Nico GR80 there is two less screw holes) so it’s pretty much a straight swap. The only thing you will need to check is that the roller locks travel fully into the window keeps on the frame, as the travel distance on the Nico espags is slightly less than the Old Mila GR locks. Again this is not a major problem. If the rollers don’t fully engage on the window frame keeps simply remove the screws holding the keeps and then move the keep slightly to suit the roller position and refit the screws.

Replacement Old Mila GR Espag Locks - Window And Door Parts - Ireland

Nico Espag Lock for Mila GR100

The Nico version of the GR100 is different, as middle roller lock is positioned in the centre of the lock. On the old Mila GR100 the middle roller lock is positioned offset from the centre of the lock towards one end. But the Nico Window Espage lock is still a suitable replacement for the Old Mila GR100. Simply remove the screws holding the centre keep on the window frame, reposition the keep on the frame to suit the new roller position and refit the screws

Nico Window Espag Locks – A Real Time Saver

This range of Nico espag locks are a real time saver. As the Old Mila GR espag locks were used by countless window manufacturers down through the years, including Munster Joinery and Senator Windows, these are the espag locks that I always carry in the van for my repair business. We currently only stock the 20mm backset size of these espag locks as the 20Mm backset is probally the most common size.

How To Measure Espag Locks

If you are not sure what window lock you need, please check out our video on how to correctly measure a window espag lock. Whilst we stock replacement window locks for most windows it’s important that you know how to measure the lock correctly to ensure you get the right replacement piece!

Nico Window Espag Lock - Window And Door Parts - Ireland

Nico Window Espag Lock

Make sure you check out our full range of window locks but if you have a window that was installed by Munster Joinery or Senator Windows then odds are the Nico Espag Lock will be the lock you need. If you have any questions though or need some help then get in touch!