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Iseo Euro Profile Door Cylinder / Barrel

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Iseo Euro Profile Door Cylinder / Barrel

The Euro profile cylinder is found in all modern doors and is a perfect replacement cylinder and comes with 3 keys.

Manufactuer:  ISEO
Finish: Nickle
Keys: 3no. keys
Sizes available: (30mm/30mm) (30mm/40mm) (30mm/45mm) (35mm/35mm) (35mm/45mm) (35mm / 55mm) (40mm/50mm)
Number of Pins: 5

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Iseo Euro Profile Door Cylinder / Barrel Profile

Door cylinder, or barrel (otherwise known as).

Sizes available: (30mm/30mm) (30mm/40mm) (30mm/45mm) (35mm/35mm) (35mm/45mm) (35mm / 55mm) (40mm/50mm)
Finish: Nickle
Dimensions: See pictures for dimensions.

Iseo Euro Profile cylinders are extremely popular in Ireland. They are used by countless door manufacturers over the years. The Iseo euro profile cylinder is a perfect replacement cylinder. Each cylinder comes supplied with 3 keys.

Iseo Door Cylinder Euro Profile Product Info

Euro profile cylinders are used in modern doors. ISEO door cylinders are high quality cylinders made in Italy.

Common reasons for replacing the cylinder in your door. If you lost your keys or your key broke in the cylinder. Perfect for landlords who want to change the locks on a property they are renting out. Or for people who are just after buying a new home, and want to change the locks.

Why not take this opportunity to upgrade the security of your door with a high security 1 star anti-snap cylinder or a 3 star anti-snap cylinder

Iseo Euro Profile Door Cylinder Size Guide

To accurately measure the length of cylinder you require, follow steps 1 – 3 in the fitting instructions below. When you have the cylinder removed, measure from either edge to the centre of the fixing hole. Below are the three most common sizes. Please contact us if you require a different size other than the sizes listed below

We have three sizes available:

  • 30mm / 30mm (60mm)
  • 30mm / 40mm (70mm)
  • 30mm / 45mm (75mm)
  • 35mm / 35mm (70mm)
  • 35mm / 45mm (80mm)
  • 35mm / 55mm (90mm)
  • 40mm / 50mm (90mm)

These are the most common sizes. If you are unsure about the size you require please contact us and we will help you choose the right size.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

30mm/40mm (70mm), 35mm/45mm (80mm), 40mm/40mm (80mm), 40mm/50mm (90mm), 30mm/30mm (60mm), 30mm/45mm (75mm), 35mm/35mm (70mm), 35mm/55mm (90mm)

Fitting Instructions

Iseo Euro Cylinder Fitting Instructions

1) Remove the screws holding the cylinder. This screw is found at the edge of the door, on the face plate of the lock.
2) Loosen slightly the screws holding the door handles.
3) Insert to key into the cylinder. Turn the key and pull gently. The cylinder will slide out when it is at the correct position. This key position will usually be 10 o clock or 2 o clock
4) Insert the new key into the new cylinder. Turn the key till the cam is inline. Slide the cylinder back through the door handles into the lock
5) Line up the cylinder screw hole with the screw hole in the faceplate of the lock. Re-fit the fixing screw when inline. Re-tighten the door handle screws.
6) Test the operation of the cylinder

Instructional Video

Find out how easy it is to install this yourself, checkout the video below.


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