Mila Pro-Linea Door Handles – 92mm (Screw Above)

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Mila Pro-Linea Door Handles – 92mm (Screw Above)

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Set of Mila Pro-Linea 92mm centre door handles. Found on PVC, aluminium and timber doors.

Manufactuer: Mila
Colours Available: Gold, Black, White, Matt Silver
Spindle Width: 8mm
Centres: 92mm
Dimensions: See pictures for dimensions

See video for more information.


Mila Pro-Linea Door Handles – 92mm (Screw Above Model)

There are two different types of 92mm centre door handles. The easiest way to differentiate between the two is the position of the top screw hole. Screw above the handle or screw below. This is the screw above version – view screw below version here.

Mila Prolinea Door handles 92mm – Screw above Product Info

Available in 3 colours: Gold, Black, White, or Matt Silver. Each set of handles comes supplied with 2no. 8mm spindle and 6no. fixing screws.
See pictures for dimensions. See video for more information. These door handles commonly used on Senator uPVC doors

Mila Pro Linea door handles 92mm Centres – Screw Above Version Description

There are two versions available of the mila prolinea door handles. Both versions have 92mm centres (eg. the distance from the centre of the lever to the centre of the cylinder where the key goes in). The easiest way to tell them apart is by looking at the position of the top screw hole in relation to the lever. In this case the top screw hole is above the lever, and we call it screw above. This version is used by a lot of door manufacturers, including Camden Frames

Each set of handles comes supplied with three sets of various length bolts, and two 8mm spindles. This is to help suit doors of various thicknesses. Use the long spindle and long screws for thicker uPVC doors. Use the short spindle and shorter screws for aluminium doors.

This set is non-handed, meaning it can be used left or right handed. This set comes with built in springs. This is a great feature, and can help door locks that have broken or weak latch springs.

See pictures for dimensions.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Black, Gold, White, Matt Silver

Instructional Video

Find out how easy it is to install this yourself, checkout the video below.

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Fitting Instructions

Fitting instructions for uPVC and aluminium doors:

1. Remove the two fixing screws
2. Remove the old door handles
3. Depending on the thickness of your door fit the long or short spindle
4. Fit the new handles on to the spindle. Remember: the handle with the screw holes should be fitted on the inside and the blank handle fitted on the outside
5. Depending on the thickness of your door fit the short, medium or long screws
6. Test the operation of the handles


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