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GU Ferco 635 Multipoint Door Lock

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GU Ferco 635 Multipoint Door Lock

Backset: 35mm

Centers: 70mm

This is the updated version of the Ferco 635 multipoint door lock. Made by GU, the parent company of Ferco. This lock is suitable for replacing Ferco 6.35 door locks that are found on certain timber and aluminium doors. This lock will work only in lever / lever operation. Ferco 6.35 multipoint door locks are often found in Munster Joinery doors

See pictures for dimensions.

No screws come supplied with this product. Click here to see our selection of screws

This lock does not come supplied with keeps. Click here to see our selection of door lock keeps

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GU Ferco 635 Multipoint Door Lock

GU Ferco 635 is the updated version of the old Ferco 635. Click here for the old Ferco 635. This updated version is made by GU which is Ferco’s parent company. The updated version has the exact same roller positions as the old version. It has a 35mm backset and 70mm centres. The new version features an new quick reversible latch. Simple remove the Philips head screw holding in the latch, turn the latch around and refit the screw.

There is only one major difference between the updated version and the old version. The position of the latch on the updated version is located 5mm higher compared to the old version. This shouldn’t be an issue in most doors, as the frame keep has a large strike area. The worst case scenario is re-positioning the frame keep up a small bit to suit the new latch position. See pictures for comparisons between the updated and old versions.

Identifying the Door Lock

Look along the face plate of your door lock (where the locking points are) until you locate the manufacturers name or logo. On Ferco 6.35 multipoint door locks you will see “Ferco 6.35” stamped on the face plate. This door lock has two roller locks and one latch.

Important note on GU Ferco 635 Door Lock Size

The overall length of the lock is 2050mm. It is this length to suit different door heights.  In most cases you will need to cut the face plate to suit the size of your door. It will usually be the top of the lock face plate that will need to be cut. The easiest way to check this is when you have the old door lock removed, hold the old lock and new lock beside each other. Mark the overall length from the old lock and cut with a hacksaw.

Cutting the faceplate to length will have absolutely no impact on the function of the lock

Manufactuer:  GU
Spindle Size: 7mm
Dimensions: (see pictures for dimensions)
Weight: 2.5kg
Suitable for: Replacing the Ferco 6.35 multipoint door lock on certain timber and aluminium doors

Why not take the opportunity to upgrade the security of your door, by also fitting an Anti-Snap cylinder. We recommend using the Zone 27mm key / 40mm thumb turn Anti-Snap door cylinder with this door lock, when fitted in a Munster Joinery wooden door. Please always double check the length of the cylinder in your door. If you are in any doubt please contact us through the contact form.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Fitting Instructions

  • Remove the screws holding the door handles.
  • Remove the door handles and spindle
  • Remove the screw holding the cylinder.
  • Remove the cylinder.
  • Remove all the screws (along the face plate) holding in the door lock.
  • Remove the door lock from the door.
  • Check the overall length of the new lock against the old lock.
  • Cut if necessary with hacksaw.
  • Fit the new multipoint door lock in the door.
  • Re-fit the spindle and door handles.
  • In the open position test the operation of the lock with the door handles.
  • Re-fit the cylinder.
  • In the open position test the operation of the lock with the cylinder.
  • Re-fit the screw for holding the cylinder.
  • Re-fit the screws for holding the handles.
  • Re-fit the screws (along the faceplate) for holding in the door lock.
  • Close the door and test the operation of the door lock.


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