Multipoint Door Lock – GU Lockcase (Old Version)

///Multipoint Door Lock – GU Lockcase (Old Version)

Multipoint Door Lock – GU Lockcase (Old Version)

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This lockcase is suitable for replacing old version GU multipoint door locks.

This lock case will work only in lever / lever operations. See note below for more information

See pictures for dimensions. See video for more information.

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Backset: 35mm
Centers: 92mm

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Old Version GU Multipoint Door Lock Lockcase

Multipoint door locks are extremely common. Found in PVC, aluminium and timber doors. GU multipoint locks are probably the most common manufacturer found in doors in Ireland.

So what Is The Lockcase?

The lockcase is the part of the lock that does all the work (like the engine in a car). It operates the multiple locking points and locks the door. 9 times out of 10 if you have a problem with your multipoint door lock, there is a problem with the lockcase. Replacing the lockcase is the quickest and easiest way of fixing a broken GU multipoint door lock.

Identifying the Door Lock

Look along the face plate of your door lock (where the locking points are) until you locate the manufacturers name or logo. On GU multipoint door locks you will see “GU” stamped on the face plate.
There are two versions of multi point door locks made by GU. The old version and the new GU lockcase version. The old version was used on all GU multipoint door locks until the 90’s, after that period the new version was used.

See the video below for information on how identify the lockcase on your GU multipoint door lock, and how to replace the lockcase.

Manufactuer:  GU (Gretsch-Unitas)
Spindle Size: 8mm
Dimensions: (see pictures for dimensions)
Weight: 0.5kg
Suitable for: Replacing the lockcase on Old version GU multipoint door locks



This lock case is only operates in lever / lever operation (eg. the external handle operates the same as the internal handle)

Lever / Pad version of this lockcase are no longer made. (eg. the external handle does not release the lock latch. The key is required everytime to open the door from outside)

If you have an old version GU multipoint door lock but want to keep the lever / pad operation – you will have to replace the entire lock as the old version and new version GU lockcases are not interchangeable. Please contact us if you need any help or more information on this lockcase

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Fitting Instructions

  • Remove the screws holding the door handles. Remove the door handles and spindle.
  • Remove the screw holding the cylinder. Remove the cylinder.
  • Remove all the screws (along the face plate) holding in the door lock.
  • Remove the door lock from the door.
  • There are 3 T20 torx screws holding the lockcase. Using a T20 torx bit remove these screws.
  • Remove the old lockcase from the face plate.
  • Sit the face plate on to the new lockcase. Align the connecting rods. The face plate will sit completely flush. when it is connected correctly.
  • Re-fit the T20 torx screws.
  • Re-fit the multipoint door lock in the door.
  • Re-fit the spindle and door handles. In the open position test the operation of the lock with the door handles.
  • Re-fit the cylinder. In the open position test the operation of the lock with the cylinder.
  • Re-fit the screw for holding the cylinder.
  • Re-fit the screws for holding the handles.
  • Re-fit the screws (along the faceplate) for holding in the door lock.
  • Close the door and test the operation of the door lock.

Instructional Video

Find out how to change the Multipoint Door Lock – GU Lockcase.


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