Hoppe Frankfurt Door Handles – 70mm – 2160N/216N

///Hoppe Frankfurt Door Handles – 70mm – 2160N/216N

Hoppe Frankfurt Door Handles – 70mm – 2160N/216N

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Hoppe Frankfurt Door Handles – 70mm – 2160N/216N

These Hoppe door handles commonly are used on munster joinery timber and aluminium doors and are available in a range of colours. On the inside of the door handle you will see 2160N or 216N inscribed on the handle. 2160N will be marked on the external section of the handle & 216N will be inscribed on the internal section of the handle. 2160N & 216N make up one set of handles.

Manufactuer: Hoppe
Colours Available: Gold, black, silver & white
Spindle Width: 7mm
Centres: 70mm
Overall Length: 230mm
Distance between screws 200mm
Dimensions: (see pictures for dimensions)

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Hoppe Frankfurt Door Handles – 70mm – 2160N / 216N

Available in 4 colours: Gold, Black, Silver or White. Each set of handles comes supplied with 1no. 7mm spindle and two fixing screws.
See pictures for dimensions. See video for more information.
Door handles commonly used on munster joinery timber and aluminium doors.

Hoppe Door Handles Product Description

Hoppe Frankfurt door handles 70mm 2160N/216N  are a direct replacement for the handles found on Munster Joinery timber and aluminium doors. They will take a 7mm spindle and the centres are 70mm. They are used with either the GU Ferco door lock or Ferco 635 door lock.

Each set of door handles comes supplied with a 7mm spindle, and two fixing screws. The spindle and screws can be cut to size using a hacksaw. Long spindle and bolt length to help suit doors of various thickness.

This is a non-handed set, meaning it can be used on left or right handed doors.

When you remove the door handles from the door you will see either 2160N or 216N inscribed on the inside of each handle.
Important – 2160N and 216N are used on other door handle sizes, check the distance from the center of the handle lever to the center of the cylinder to confirm

Common Problems With Hoppe Door Handles

There are no springs built into these handles. The handles rely on the spring built into the door lock to keep. If your door handles droop down and do not return to horizontal position, the spring in your door lock has broken. Replacing the door handles will not solve this problem. You will need to replace the door lock to solve this problem.

A common problem with the old version of the hoppe door handles, is the handle lever becoming loose. Giving you the impression that the handle lever will break off in your hand. On the old version, there is a plastic washer which is used as a bearing at the back of the lever. Over time this plastic washer cracks and falls into pieces, causing the lever to become loose. If left like this, the lever will eventually break off.

The new version Hoppe door handles have steel washers instead of plastic washers . This will prevent the handle lever from becoming loose. We stock the new version only

Please contact us if you are unsure of the door handle size you require.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Black, Gold, White, Silver

Instructional Video

Fitting Instructions

1. Remove the two fixing screws
2. Remove the old door handles
3. Remove and inspect the old spindle, checking that it is straight and not twisted or bent. If the old spindle is twisted use the new spindle that come supplied with the handles.
4. Measure and cut the new spindle to the same length as the old spindle using a hacksaw
5. Fit the new handles. Ensure the handle with screw holes is fitted on the inside of the door and the handle with the flat side is fitted to the outside of the door
6. Measure and cut the new screws to the same length as the old screws
7. Fit the fixing screws


  1. Derek Cunningham (verified owner)

    Ordered the Hoppe Frankfurt door handles and GU Ferco door lock to replace worn lock. Found it difficult to find parts online until I came across windowanddoorparts.ie
    Parts description aided me in identifying exactly what I needed. Fitting instruction provided very useless also. Had a fair idea of how to replace lock but needed help for removing cyclinder lock. This can also be found on instructional videos.
    Paddy was very helpful with my order. Keeping me informed of my order progress. Ordered parts on Thursday morning recieved them on Friday afternoon. Had door lock and handles removed and new parts fitted in minutes.
    I’ll be recommending this website to friends and colleagues. I’m very pleased with the customer service and support I recieved. Thank you once again

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