Letterbox / Letterplate – 315mm x 50mm (12 2/5″ x 2″)

///Letterbox / Letterplate – 315mm x 50mm (12 2/5″ x 2″)

Letterbox / Letterplate – 315mm x 50mm (12 2/5″ x 2″)

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Letterbox / Letterplate – 315mm x 50mm (12 2/5″ x 2″)

Colour: Gold, Black, White, Silver
Material: Aluminium
Door Thickness: 36mm – 70mm
Dimensions: View photos for dimensions.
Distance between screw holes: 292mm (11 & 1/2″)

Letterbox / Letterplate – 315mm x 50mm is available in 4 colours and is one of the most common letterboxes used in Ireland.

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No screws come supplied with this product. Click here to see our selection of screws

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Letterbox / Letterplate – 315mm x 50mm

Aluminium letterbox / letterplate used on uPVC, aluminium and timber doors. Used by countless door manufacturers including Munster Joinery. This is probably the most common letterbox used in Ireland. See pictures for full dimensions.

The body and flaps of the letterbox are made from aluminium. The plastic sleeve is made from ABS plastic. The sleeves are designed to sit into each other. The plastic sleeve is telescopic, to suit doors with a thickness between 36mm – 70mm. The sleeve can also be cut to smaller size with hacksaw if necessary. Spring loaded flaps keep both sides closed tightly. As both sides of the letterbox look identical, it is worth noting that the foam draught seal is fitted on external side of the door.

Common Letterbox Problems

The most common problem with letterboxes is the springs breaking. Usually caused by wear and tear, but also caused by rough treatment from post and junk mail delivery. The springs are what keep the flaps closed tight against the seal. If the springs are broken in your letterbox, the flap will annoyingly rattle in the wind. Eventually the flap will break off completely. A perfect replacement letterbox and really easy to install.

Please contact us if you are unsure of the size letter box you require.

See pictures for full dimensions.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Black, Gold, White, Silver

Instructional Video

Find out how easy it is to install this yourself, checkout the video below.

Fitting Instructions

1. Remove the fixing screws holding the inside and outside sections of the letterbox
2. Using a sharp knife carefully cut the silicone seal around the letterbox
3. Pull the inside and outside sections away from the door. Remove any silicone left around the door
4. Fit the new letterbox into the door. Remember, the side with the draught seal should be fitted on the outside.
5. Re-fit the fixing screws on the inside and outside sections
6. Optional: Apply a bead of clear silicone around the outside section of the letterbox


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