Schlegel Sliding Patio Rollers Wheels – PVC Patio Doors

///Schlegel Sliding Patio Rollers Wheels – PVC Patio Doors

Schlegel Sliding Patio Rollers Wheels – PVC Patio Doors

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Schlegel Slidinng Patio Rollers / Wheels

A set of Schlegel Sliding patio Door Rollers is a compatible replacement for a wide variety of old and modern aluminium patio rollers.

Manufacturer:  Schlegel
Material: Stainless Steel
Max weight: 120kg
Suitable for uPVC Patio Doors

No screws come supplied with this product. Click here to see our selection of screws

Click on the “Instructional Video” tab below for our guide on how to replace the rollers on your uPVC sliding patio door

Rollers sold in pairs eg. 2 rollers per set

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Schlegel uPVC Sliding Patio Door Rollers/Patio Rollers Wheels

Sliding patio door rollers are sometimes called patio door wheels or sliding door rollers. Over time, a combination of wear, rust and dirt cause the bearings to seize causing the patio / sliding door to become difficult to slide. It is a problem that gets worse with time. You will eventually have to drag the door to open and close it. Dog hair also is another major contributing factor in causing the rollers to seize up. The hair gets caught up in the wheels bearings, stopping the wheel from turning properly. This will eventually stop the wheels from turning altogether. Replacing the rollers will solve this problem.

Click on the “Instructional Video” tab below for our guide on how to replace the rollers on your uPVC sliding patio door.

Tandem Wheeled uPVC Sliding Patio Rollers from Schlegel

The Schlegel uPVC sliding patio door rollers are tandem wheeled rollers made from stainless steel, with stainless steel wheels and stainless steel ball bearings. Suitable for patio doors weighing up to 120kg. These patio rollers are generally found on uPVC patio / sliding doors. They can also be found on modern aluminium sliding doors. Adjustment screw at end, for adjusting the height and levelness of the door.

Manufacturer: Schlegel
Material: Stainless Steel
Max weight: 120kg

See pictures for dimensions.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Instructional Video

Find out how easy it is to install this yourself, checkout the video below.

Fitting Instructions

You will need two people for lifting the patio door. You will also need some cardboard or old blankets to rest the door on. This will prevent the door from getting scratched and damaged!

Most uPVC doors have anti lift devices fitted on them. These are small plastic blocks that are usually screwed to the top of the door. Please contact us for more information on fitting instructions for your patio door.

  • Lift your door straight up. While lifting up, pull out the bottom of the door. The door should now be free from the track.
  • Lay the door down on its one of its edges. Get the second person to hold the door while you change the roller.
  • The patio rollers will be fixed to the door with two screws.
  • Remove the screws and remove the old roller.
  • Fit the new roller making sure the end with the adjustment screw is facing out. Re-fit the screws.
  • Repeat for the other roller.
  • Stand the door back up. Lifting the door, put the top into the frame first followed by the bottom. The door should be on the track now.
  • Slide the door across approx 1/4 of an inch from the closed position. Using the door frame as a guide, look at the gap between the door and frame. We want the gap to be equal top and bottom. This is important for getting the door closing and locking properly. If the gap is bigger on the top than the bottom, adjust up the back roller (furthest from the door handle). If the gap is bigger on the bottom than the top, adjust up front roller (closest to the door handle).
  • Using a Philips screwdriver, put the screwdriver in the gap between the track and the door. You will feel the adjustment screw. Tighten the screw to raise up the roller. Loosen the screw to drop down the roller.
  • When you have the door gap equal. Close the door fully and test it is locking correctly.


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