Maco Window Espag Lock – Offset – 20mm / 25mm Backset

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Maco Window Espag Lock – Offset – 20mm / 25mm Backset

16.0020.00 inc. VAT

Manufactuer:  Maco
Lengths available:  GR.0, GR.1, GR.2, GR.3, GR.4
Width: 16mm
Roller Cam Height: 7.7mm
Screw Centres: 43mm

Maco offset window espag lock – 20mm or 25mm back set

See pictures for full dimensions.

No screws come supplied with this product. Click here to see our selection of screws

Click here to watch our video on how correctly measure a window espag lock

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Maco Offset Window Espag Lock

Backset: 20mm & 25mm
Lengths available: GR.0, GR.1, GR.2, GR.3, GR.4
Material: Mild Steel & Zinc
Offset window espag locks, used on old uPVC windows, and modern Aluminium, alu-clad and timber windows.

Maco Offset Window Espag Lock Description

The espag is the window locking mechanism, which is operated by the window handle. Offset window espag locks are commonly found on old uPVC windows. The gear box (the section the window handle connects to) is offset to one side. This was to accommodate the uPVC window profiles that were being manufactured at the time. The available space inside the profile for a window espag lock was very small. Modern uPVC window profiles are bigger and space is not an issue as it once was. Nearly all modern uPVC windows use inline window espag locks. As a result of the switch to using inline window espag locks, offset window espag locks now are a thing of the past. Many window hardware manufacturers have stopped making offset window espag locks.

These window locks can also be used to replace other brands of offset window locks.

  • Avocet offset window espag
  • Basta offset window espag

Note: Please check sizes carefully against the sizes you  require

Maco Offset Lock Size Guide

When replacing an existing maco offset window espag lock. Check the following sizes: The length of the lock and the backset.

On the Maco offset window lock there will be a markings stamped along the faceplate of the lock. The markings are the code for the length of the lock.

We stock the five most common sizes:

  • “GR.0 – 310mm – 510mm” (Length – 290mm) for sash between 310mm – 510mm – 2 rollers cams
  • “GR.1 – 400mm – 600mm” (Length – 380mm) for sash between 400mm – 600mm – 2 rollers cams
  • “GR.2 – 600mm – 800mm” (Length – 580mm) for sash between 600mm – 800mm – 2 roller cams
  • “GR.3 – 800mm – 1000mm” (Length – 780mm) for sash between 800mm – 1000mm – 2 roller cams
  • “GR.4 – 1000mm – 1200mm” (Length – 980mm) for sash between 1000mm – 1200mm – 3 roller cams

Next check the backset of the lock. Get a measuring tape and measure from the edge of the faceplate to the centre of the handle. There are two sizes available – 20mm & 25mm. Alternatively, you can remove the lock from the window.

If you are replacing another brand of offset window espag lock with a Maco offset lock. Measure the lenght of the sash (eg. if it measures 700mm select “GR.2 600-800”)

Measure the backset as described above. Also measure the width of the channel that the lock sits into. The width of the Maco faceplate is 16mm

Please contact us if you are unsure of the size window lock you require.

See pictures for full dimensions. See video for more information.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Espag Length

GR.0 310-510, GR.1 400-600, GR.2 600-800, GR.3 800-1000, GR.4 1000-1200


20mm, 25mm

Fitting Instructions

1. Use the sizing guide above to choose the correct size window lock
2. Remove the two fixing screws holding the handle, and remove the handle
3. Remove the fixing screws on the faceplate of the lock
4. Fit the new lock into place
5. Fit the window handle back through the new lock, making sure it is closing in the same direction as before; and it is in the correct position in relation to the lock position
6. Re-fit the handle fixing screws
7. Re-fit the fixing screw to the faceplate of the lock.
8. Remove the screw/screws from the frame keeps. Move the keeps to suit the position of the roller locks. Refit the screw/screws into the frame keeps.
9. Test the operation of the lock


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