Basta Timber Window Handle

///Basta Timber Window Handle

Basta Timber Window Handle

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Basta Timber Window Handle – Gold or White

Used on timber casement windows.

Manufacturer: Basta
Supplied With: 4 fixing screws, 1 key, 1 frame catch
Finish: Gold or White
Dimensions: See pictures

Each handle comes with 4 fixing screws, a frame keep, and a key. Perfect replacement for broken handles or for upgrading to locking handles.

See pictures for dimensions & more info below.


Basta Timber Window Handle

Basta timber window handle used on timber casement windows. Each handle comes with 4 fixing screws, a frame keep, and a key. Perfect replacement for broken handles or for upgrading to locking handles.

These timber window handles are lockable. The key is used to lock and unlock if required. The handle is unlocked until locked with the key.

Never lock bedroom window handles with this key. Bedroom windows must always be open-able to facilitate escape in the event of an emergency.

Basta Window Handles

Window handles or sometimes called window hasps or window catches; are one of the most common parts that require replacing on windows.

This window handle is made by Basta for timber / wooden casement windows. Lockable type – Handle remains open until locked with the key. This window handle has a really simple design. The handle is fitted to the window sash and the catch is fitted to the window frame. The window handle closes over the frame catch, closing the window tight.

This handle features a second hole for ventilation. You close the handle on to this hole. This will leave your window opened a crack for ventilation, while keeping the window closed for security. Whether it is for replacing a broken handle or upgrading to locking handles, this is a perfect replacement window handle.

Problems With Window Handles

Window handles often break with the excess force that is put on them, when trying to close a window that has strained or broken hinges. They will usually be come loose and wobbly, and then will eventually break off completely.

Please contact us if you are unsure of the size window handle you require.

See pictures for full dimensions.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Gold, White, Brown

Instructional Video

Find out how easy it is to install this yourself, checkout the video below.

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Fitting Instructions

Basta Door Handle Fitting Instructions

1. Remove screws holding in old handle and frame catch. Remove old handle and frame catch
2. Position new handle on window sash. Use position of old handle screws if possible
3. Fix new handle to sash using screws provided.
4. Close the window and position the frame catch in relation to the window handle
5. Fix the frame catch to the frame using the screws provided
6. Close the window handle over the catch in normal and ventilation positions. Make sure that it is not too tight or too loose when closed. Reposition the frame catch if required
7. Test that the handle is locking with the key


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