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Universal Cockspur Window Handle

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Universal Cockspur Window Handle uPVC

Cockspur window handle for uPVC & aluminium windows. Comes supplied with a 12mm, an 8mm and a 4mm plastic packer, 1 key and 1 cover cap. The handle can be used for 21mm, 17mm, 13mm and 9mm step heights.

Colour: White, Black  (Matt Silver, Polished Chrome (Silver), Polished Gold (Brass) available as a special order)
Supplied With: 1no. 4mm packer, 1no. 8mm packer, 1no. 12mm packer, 2no. packer screws, 1no. key, 1no. screw cover cap
Hand: Left or Right
Handle Height: 21mm, 17mm, 13mm and 9mm
Screw holes: See picture for dimensions

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No screws come supplied with this product. Click here to see our selection of screws


Universal Cockspur Window Handle uPVC & Aluminium Windows

Cockspur window handle uPVC – This cockspur window handle has a very simple design and operation. The handle is fixed to the sash, when the handle is closed, the spur closes over a plastic wedge that is fixed to the frame. This keeps the sash closed tight.

This handle is a locking type – Push button to release the lock. Handle automatically locks when handle is returned to closed position. Key is used to dead lock the handle

Universal Cockspur Window Handle uPVC Heights

Cockspur window handles are used old uPVC & aluminium windows. 9mm and 13mm heights are often used on aluminium windows. 17mm and 21mm heights are often used on uPVC windows. The beauty of this window handle is you can achieve any of these heights using the packers supplied.

  • Without any packers – 21mm
  • With 4mm packer – 17mm
  • With 8mm packer – 13mm
  • With 12mm packers – 9mm

Simply choose one of the packers supplied to suit your windows. Fit the packer under the spur of the handle and tighten the two screws to secure the packer into place.

Versatile Replacement Cockspur Window Handles

A really versatile handle, that can be used as a replacement for virtually any cockspur window handle. The top and bottom screw holes are elongated, making it super easy to reuse the existing screw holes in your window

Window handles often break with the excess force that is put on them, when trying to close a window that has strained or broken hinges. They will usually be come loose and wobbly, and then will eventually break off completely. Usually if your window handle is broken, your hinges will be broken too.


Never lock bedroom window handles with this key. Bedroom windows must always be open-able to facilitate escape in the event of an emergency.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Handle Direction

Left, Right


Black, White

Instructional Video

Fitting Instructions

Cockspur Window Handles Fitting Instructions

  • Remove the fixing screws holding the old handle.
  • Determine the height required for the new handle.
  • Use the packers supplied to obtain the required heigt.
  • Fit the new handle and re fit the screws.
  • Test the operation of the handle.
  • Fit the screw cover.


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