Mila Cranked Window Espag Handle – White / Gold

///Mila Cranked Window Espag Handle – White / Gold

Mila Cranked Window Espag Handle – White / Gold

8.50 inc. VAT

Mila Cranked Window Espag Handle – White or Gold

Manufacturer: Mila
Supplied With: 2 fixing screws, 1 key, 1 screw cover cap
Spindle Length: 30mm
Spindle Width: 7mm
Screw Centres: 43mm (this distance will be the same for every window, no matter the manufacturer)
Operation: Push the button with your thumb to release the lock, and turn handle to open. The handle will lock automatically when returned to the closed position.

Cranked window espag handle used extensively in PVC windows, but also used in modern aluminium and timber windows. Each handle comes with 2 fixing screws, a cover cap, and a key. Perfect for replacing broken handles, for upgrading to locking handles or for giving your windows a modern look.

See pictures for full dimensions and more info & video below.


Mila Cranked Window Espag Handle – White & Gold

Window espag handle – Cranked – Replacement window espag  handle. Can be used on any uPVC (espag lock) window regardless of manufacturer. Available in right and left hand.

Spindle Length: 30mm
Spindle Width: 7mm
Colours Available: White & Gold
Cranked espag window handle, used on uPVC windows. Also used on modern aluminium, alu-clad and timber windows. Comes supplied with 2 fixing screws, 1 key and 1 cover cap

Never lock bedroom window handles with this key. Bedroom windows must always be open-able to facilitate escape in the event of an emergency.

Mila Cranked Window Espag Handle Description

Window espag handle made by Mila. Locking type – Push button to release the lock. Key is used to dead lock the handle. An exceptionally well made handle, perfect for replacing broken cranked window espag handles.

Window handles or sometimes called uPVC window handles, window hasps or window catches; are one of the most common parts that require replacing on windows.

Cranked window espag handles are used by many window manufacturers. They are commonly used on timber (nordic pine) windows, to ensure that your fingers aren’t hurt when opening and closing the window. Fingers can get pinched between the window handle and window frame with inline (straight) window handles. Alternatively they can be used to add a distinct look to the window.

Window handles often break with the excess force that is put on them, when trying to close a window that has strained or broken hinges. They will usually be come loose and wobbly, and then will eventually break off completely. Usually if your window handle is broken, your hinges will be broken too.

Other common symptoms of broken or damaged handles:

  • Handles that turn but does not open or close
  • Handles with broken release buttons ie. Can’t be opened

This window handle is a perfect replacement or upgrade, as they will work with virtually every uPVC window regardless of the manufacturer. They will also work on modern aluminium, alu-clad and timber (wooden) windows.

Please contact us if you are unsure what window handle you require.

The length of the spindle in each cranked window espag handle is 30mm. The spindle can easily be cut to a shorter length with a hacksaw if required. If you require cranked window espag handles of a longer length than 30mm please contact us.

See our instructional video for more information.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Gold, White


Right, Left

Instructional Video

Find out how easy it is to install this yourself, checkout the video below.

Fitting Instructions

1. Remove the two fixing screws holding the handle
2. Measure the length of spindle you require from the old handle
3. If you are unable to measure the spindle before purchase, choose the 40mm spindle length. The spindle and screws can be cut to any required length with a hacksaw
4. Fit the new handle, making sure that the window lock and new handle are in the correct position before fitting the screws. (Window handle opened, window lock opened or vice versa) This sounds obvious, but it has happened in the customers have installed them in opposing positions
5. Re-fit the screws, and test the handle by opening and closing the window
6. Fit the cover cap onto the handle


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