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Window Ware Window Key PVC

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Window Ware Window key

The window ware window handle is a very common window handle and this key is for locking window handles found on old aluminium and uPVC windows.

*IMPORTANT* This is the window handle key only. The window handle in the picture is to show what handle the key suits 

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Window Handle Key PVC

Window Handle Key PVC for locking window handles found on old uPVC and aluminium windows. See the pictures above. This key will lock the window handle above.

The Window Ware Window Key

The window ware window handle is another very common window handle. It was used for years on old aluminium and uPVC windows a favourite of many window manufacturers. The window ware handle is a locking type – meaning the handle remains locked when in the closed position. You push the button with your thumb to release the lock and turn to open. When the handle is returned to the closed position it locks automatically. The key is used to stop the button from being released.

Product Descriptions

Window handle keys (or are sometimes called window keys or window lock keys), are used to lock the window handle. They provide extra security and peace of mind.

Every window handle manufacturer has a unique key for their handles. There have been hundreds of different window handle keys over the years. A lot of them are now obsolete and can’t be got anymore. We stock the most common window keys that are in use today

Identifying the Correct Key

Uses the pictures above to identify your window handle. If you are unsure about choosing the right key or your window handle doesn’t look like any of the pictures above please contact us and we will be more than happy to help

Never lock bedroom window handles with this key. Bedroom windows must always be open-able to facilitate escape in the event of an emergency.

If you are unsure if this window handle key will be suitable for your window handles, please contact us.



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