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Window Handle Wedge – White

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Window Handle Wedge – White

Window handle wedge used predominantly on aluminium windows, but also found on older PVC windows. These wedges are fixed to the window frames using the two attached pins, compared too other wedges that are glued on to the frame.

10 wedges per pack

Thickness: 5mm
Dimensions: See pictures for dimensions

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In stock


Window Handle Wedge

Window handle wedge – White – 5mm thick
Found on old aluminium and PVC windows. Perfect for replacing missing or broken wedges.

10 wedges per pack

Window Handle Wedges Info

Window handle wedges are used on old aluminium and uPVC windows. Also called cockspur window handle wedges. Before the use of modern window espag locks and espag handles, aluminium and uPVC windows used cockspur window handles and window handle wedges. The cockspur handle is fixed to the window sash; the window handle wedge is fixed to the window frame. When the window handle is closed, the spur closes over the handle wedge, closing the window tight. These window handle wedges are 5mm thick.

As window handle wedges are usually found on windows that are 20 + years old, they are a common part that needs replacing. The plastic can become brittle with age, and break off completely, making your windows draughty. These wedges are perfect for replacing damaged or missing window handle wedges. These window handle wedges are easily identified. The fixing pins can be easily seen even when fully tapped in. These wedges are fixed to the window frames using the two attached pins, compared too other wedges that are glued on to the frame. See the above pictures for dimensions

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See pictures for dimensions.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Fitting Instructions

See the above picture of installation of the window handle wedge. Ensure that the corresponding holes are 6mm diameter.

1. Using a small flat screwdriver, carefully push it under the old wedge and pry it up from the frame.
2. Remove the two fixing pins attached to the wedge, and push them into the holes in the wedge
3. Push the legs of the wedge into the holes in the window frame, and push down on the wedge so it sits flush with the window frame
4. With a hammer, tap the two fixing pins till they are flush with the surface of the wedge. The pins will cause the legs to splay out holding the wedge in place. Glue is not necessary
5. Close the window handle down over the wedge


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