Window Trickle / Slot Vent – 400mm

///Window Trickle / Slot Vent – 400mm

Window Trickle / Slot Vent – 400mm

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Window Trickle Vent – White & Brown – 400mm

Window trickle / slot vent for adding extra ventilation to your rooms. Check out our instructional video for fitting information.

Colour: White, Brown, Oak

Each vent comes with the following:

  • 1no. internal vent sections (control tab)
  • 1no. external vent sections (grille)
  • 4no. end covers
  • 4no. screws

Each window trickle vent  (slot vent) is 400mm long and will give 2500mm2 equivalent area

See pictures for dimensions.

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Window Trickle / Slot Vent – 400mm

Each window trickle vent  (slot vent) is 400mm long and will give 2500mm2 equivalent area with either of the below slot sizes

  • Slot Size – 365mm x 10mm
  • Slot Size – 330mm x 12.5mm

Independently tested to BS EN 13141-1:2004

Window Trickle / Slot Vent Description

Window trickle / slot vents are an excellent way of adding extra ventilation to your rooms. A trickle vent will help with condensation forming on your windows. You can control the level of ventilation you require using the finger tabs. Close one tab to reduce the amount of air flow, or close both tabs to stop the air flow

A lot of housing authorities now require landlords to meet the current ventilation requirements. This means drilling a large hole in the wall for a vent, or retro fitting the windows with trickle vents. The easier and cheaper option will fitting trickle vents.

Information on Building Regulations For Window Trickle Vents

The current Irish building regulations (Technical Guidance Document Part F – Ventilation) require that every *habitable room have a vent or vents giving a minimum equivalent area of 5000mm2.

“*Habitable room: A room in a dwelling used for living or sleeping purposes but does not include a kitchen having a floor area of less than 6.5 m2.”

Taken from Table 1 – Technical Guidance Document Part F – Ventilation 2009

Basic ventilation provision using background ventilators

Minimum equivalent area of background ventilator

  • Habitable Room – 5000mm2
  • Kitchen – 2500mm2
  • Utility Room – 2500mm2
  • Bathroom – 2500mm2
  • Toilet (no bath or shower) – 2500mm2

Each of these window trickle vent will give an equivalent area of 2580mm2 when a corresponding 12.5mm diameter slot is routed in the window. Recommended slot sizes cut (85mm x 12.5mm, 15mm gap, 85mm x 12.5mm, 15mm gap, 85mm x 12.5mm, 15mm gap, 85mm x 12.5mm, 15mm gap)

The top of the sash is the ideal place to fit the trickle vent. As the sash can be removed from the window and worked upon on a bench or table. It is recommended to seal the outside section of the trickle vents with silicone sealant to seal against rain. We recommend Parasilico silicone sealant

Some window manufacturers use steel re-enforcing in their sashes as well as their frames. Regular routers and router bits are not designed to cut through steel. The only way of knowing for sure if there is re-enforcing in your sash is to drill two or three small holes. The top edge of the sash is the best place to do this as the holes won’t be seen. Carefully drill down through the top layer of uPVC. If there is re-enforcing present it will be directly under this top layer of uPVC.

The above information is intended as guide only. Please fully read (Technical Guidance Document Part F – Ventilation) to determine the ventilation requirements for your property.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

White, Brown, Oak

Instructional Video

Find out how easy it is to install this yourself, checkout the video below.


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