Door handles are probably one of our biggest sellers, but they are also one of the most common items that are returned to us. The main reason for this is that the replacement door handles that are ordered are the incorrect size to suit the customers door. There are hundreds of different variations of door handles, so it’s easy to make a mistake. And, that’s where this post will hopefully come in handy if you need to replace your UPVC front door handle – read on!

Front Door Handle Size Guide

So to make it easier to identify and correctly measure replacement handles for your door, we have made this easy to follow video guide, check it out below.

We also have a blog post with a special guide on how to measure door handles so make sure to check that out too for more info!

Measuring UPVC Front Door Handles Correctly

What I’m going to do now is break down the various parts of the video so you know how to measure UPVC front door handles correctly. It is important to follow the steps carefully and measure accurately to ensure you get the right size door handle. Nothing worse than fitting a handle, waiting for the “Open Sesame” moment and then realising the size isn’t right – don’t let that happen to you!

1. Handle Centres

The first thing you want to check is the handle centres, and is often referred to as the PZ of the door handles. This size is the most critical size for the door handles. This is measured from the centre of the handle lever to the centre of the euro cylinder. This size is also how door handles are categorised. For example you will see on our website, the brand, model and centre size. eg. “Hoppe Frankfurt 70mm centres

How To Measure Door Handle Centres for UPVC Handles

If this size is wrong there is no way the new handles will fit. The most common handle centres in Ireland are 92mm, followed by 70mm and 48mm.

Have a quick check on the outside handle also as some door handles can be offset lever pad handles. Which means the outside handle lever is positioned lower than the inside handle. The most common size for lever pad handles is 92m / 62mm. This means the centers of the internal handle is 92mm and the centers of the external handle is 62mm.

How To Measure Lever Pad Handles - UPVC Door Handles

2. Screw Centres

The next thing to check is the position of the fixing screws. The most common types are what I call screw above and screw below. The screw above handle has the screw located at the top of the handle above the handle lever. This type is also refered to as long back plate. The screw below handles has the screw located below the handle lever and is also referred to as short back plate.
Measuring Screw Centres for UPVC Door Handles

Measure from the centre of the top screw to the centre of the bottom screw. If your handles have a third screw in the centre then measure from the centre of the top to the middle screw and from the middle to the bottom screw.

3. Top Screw to Handle Lever

Next measure from the centre of the top screw to the centre of the handle lever.

4. Bottom Screw to Euro Cylinder

Next measure from the centre of the bottom screw to the centre of the euro cylinder.

5. Length of Backplate

Next measure the overall length of the handles. Bear in mind some models of door handles have been updated by the manufacturer where all the other sizes are the same but the shape at the top and bottom of the handle has changed to circular instead a square shape. This changes the overall length of the handles slightly and this throws people off. So just bear in mind that the overall length isn’t crucial.

How To Measure Length of Back Plate - UPVC Door Handle Replacement Guide

6. Width of Backplate

And the last thing to measure is the width of the backplate.

The Hoppe Birmingham UPVC Door Handle

We always keep our ear to the ground and eye to the keyhole to see what new door handles are available and we’re happy to introduce you to the next UPVC front door handle that we now stock – the Hoppe Birmingham. This handle set is available in a choice of 5 finishes: White, Black, Silver, gold and polished chrome. Make sure you check it out (and measure correctly!)

Hoppe Birmingham UPVC Door Handle - WIndow and Door Parts Ireland

UPVC Front Door Handle Measuring Guide

I hope that the above is all the information you need to allow you to correctly measure the size you need for your UPVC front door handles that will fit your door properly. Make sure you check out our full range of door handles and if you’ve any questions then get in touch!