Window & Door Alarm Lock - Additional Security Child Safety
We’re delighted to introduce you to a g great new product that we have in the store – a window and door alarm lock. It combines the deterrent benefits of an intruder alarm with the extra security of a door lock. It can also be used on windows and doors as a child security device, alerting you when a child tries to make a break for it (not to be confused with a child window restrictor which is also important for child safety and a regulation if you’re a landlord). This window and door alarm is perfect for situations when children can reach and open the lock on an entrance door.

Easy Fit Window and Door Alarm Lock

The window and door alarm lock can be fitted to almost any type of window or door including Casement or Tilt & Turn Windows, uPVC, aluminium and wooden.

Window and Door Alarm Lock Features

Window & Door Alarm Lock Features

As well as being easy to fit this new window and door lock is packed full of useful features to improve your security and child safety.

  • Powerful Alarm: It features a powerful 110dB alarm. Giving any potential burglar the fright of their lives, and hopefully sent packing. But if they do persist the lock body is tested to withstand over 1000kg in forced entry tests.
  • Battery Powered: The alarm is battery powered featuring a long life battery which means no wiring is involved.
  • Easy Install: It is super easy to install. Simply decide on the position on your door or window and screw in place with the self drill screws provided.
  • Multiple Colours: It can’t all just be function over fashion and so we currently stock the alarm locks in white and dark brown finishes so that they can sit neatly in most windows and doors.

Video Installation Instructions

Check out our YouTube video to see for yourself how easy it is to the window and door lock alarm.

How The Window & Door Alarm Lock Works

The lock arm is simply turned 90 degrees to the horizontal position engage the alarm lock. When the window or door is forced open, it hits the button on the back of the alarm. Setting off the alarm. Alerting you to a break in and hopefully scaring off the burglar. The alarm lock will also further prevent the burglar from entering the property, as it will hold the window or door in place.

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Window & Door Alarm Locks Available Now

If you have been looking for a quick and easy way to increase the security of your home that doesn’t break the bank then this window and door alarm lock is a great option. Contact us today for more information or buy your window and door alarm lock now!