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Window hinges are our biggest sellers. They are also the part that we get the most questions about. And so, in this guide I’m going to go through everything you need to know so that you can order the correct size hinges for your windows.

How To Measure The Correct Window Hinge Size

The first thing to check is what way your window opens, is it top hung or side hung?

Top Hung Window Hinges - Window Hinges Size Guide - Ireland

Top Hung Window Hinges

The easiest way to describe a top hung opening window is that the handle or handles will more than likely be at the bottom of the sash, and will open out from the bottom. The hinges will be on the right and left side of the sash. Top hung window hinges should not be used on side opening windows, as they are not designed to carry the weight of a window sash in this manner.

Side Hung Window Hinges - Window Hinges Size Guide - Ireland

Side Hung Window Hinges

The easiest way to describe a side hung opening window is that the handle is on the right or left side of the sash, and will open out to the side. The hinges will be on the top and bottom of the sash. Standard side hung window hinges can be used to replace top hung window hinges.

Egress Window Hinges – Fire Escape Hinges

Egress window hinges are used on side hung opening windows only. They open to the side with one difference; they pivot in the corner like a door. Giving an unobstructed opening that can be used as means of escape or rescue. All bedroom windows are now required to have egress window hinges.

Take note: egress window hinges can only be used on side hung openings. If they are fitted on top hung openings, they will not stay open. The window will close under its own weight.

Measuring The Length of The Window Hinge

Now that you’ve determined whether or not your window is top hung or side hung the next thing is to measure is the length of the hinge section on the window frame. All hinge manufacturers use imperial sizes, eg inches, so make sure to measure the length of the window hinge in inches.

Typical Sizes for Window Hinges:

  • Top Hung Window Hinge Sizes: 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches
  • Side Hung window hinge sizes: 12 inches, 16 inches

Important information about Side Hung Hinges.
12 inch is the smallest side hung hinge made by a hinge manufacturer. Some window companies use top hung hinges on their side hung openings. Top hung hinges should only ever be used on side hung openings if the opening is smaller than the smallest side hung hinge.

Hinges are sized according to the size of the window sash (the opening section) so the bigger the sash, the bigger the hinge. And, the bigger the hinge the more weight it will carry.

In each of our window hinge product pages, we give the manufacturers maximum sash size, eg. for 10 inch hinges

  • Top hung windows only
  • Max sash width – 1200mm
  • Max sash height – 400mm
  • Max sash weight – 16kg

Measuring The Height of The Window Hinge

The next size to check is the height of the hinge and there are two window hinge heights that hinges come in, 13mm and 17mm. This is not obvious at a glance and the only way to know for sure is to measure the hinge when it has been removed from the window.

Needless to say, removing the sash from the window, taking off one of the hinges, measuring it, refitting the hinge, refitting the sash, ordering replacement hinges and waiting for them to arrive is hassle. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Hinge Pickers - Window Hinges Size Guide - Window and Doors - Ireland

Hinge Packers To The Rescue!

The solution to this is hinge packers. Hinge packers convert 13mm hinges to 17mm. They come supplied with every set of hinges bought from us. In the majority of cases you will not need these, as 13mm high hinges are the most common. But you can rest assured to know that in the event that you need them when replacing your hinges, that they will be there with your order.

Measuring Window Hinges Guide

The above pretty much outlines all you need to know when it comes to measuring window hinges. As mentioned “how do I measure the window hinge corrrectly?” is the most common question that we get here so hope the above will give you a good understanding of what hinges you need for your windows. If you’ve any questions or aren’t sure which window hinge is for you feel free to get in touch.