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Window restrictors are devices that are fitted to windows, which prevent the window from opening more than a few inches. They are generally used as a safety device, to stop small children opening a window and accidentally falling out.

Irish Building Regulations and Window Restrictors

To comply with Irish building regulations a window restrictor must releasable and cannot be locked by a key. This is to ensure that in an emergency situation, that a person can simply release the restrictor and use the window as means of escape or rescue. This makes perfect sense. In a panic situation, spending precious moments searching and fumbling around for a key to release a restrictor or a handle could mean the difference between life and death. The below excerpts are taken from the Irish Technical Guidance Documents (Building Regulations):

Part K – Stairways, Ladders, Ramps and Guards Section 2.7. states the following:

In dwellings where a window has an opening section through which a person may fall, (having particular regard to children under five years old), and is more than 1400 mm above external ground level, suitable safety restrictors should be provided.

Safety restrictors should restrain the window sufficiently to prevent such falls. Restrictors can be either an integral part of the window operating gear or separate items of hardware which can be fitted to a window at the time of manufacture or at installation. Restrictors should operate so that they limit the initial movement of an opening section to not more than 100 mm.

Window Restrictors Irish Building Regulations - Window and Door Parts

Part B – Fire Safety (2017) states the following:

The opening section of the window should be secured by means of fastenings which are readily openable from the inside. In certain circumstances safety restrictors may be fitted to such windows see TGD K Section 2.7. Lockable handles or restrictors, which can only be released by removable keys or other tools, should not be fitted to window opening sections for escape or rescue.

Learn more about the building standards and regulations from the official government site but ultimately there is a big push to bring rented accommodation up to standard by retro fitting window restrictors.

Mila Window Restrictors - Child Safety Window Restrictors - Window and Door Parts

Window Restrictors for Rented Houses – Now A Requirement

From the 1st of July 2017 the HOUSING (STANDARDS FOR RENTED HOUSES) REGULATIONS come in to effect, which mirrors the above building regulations. Landlords will now have to ensure that the windows in their rented accommodation have restrictors fitted.

In summary, locking a window handle with a key or fitting a restrictor that requires a key to release it will not comply with the building regulations.

Mila Window Restrictors – Compliant and Safe

If you need to upgrade or add window restrictors to your house or rental property then the Mila Window restictor is worth considering. The Mila window restrictor ticks all of these boxes:

  • It can be easily retro fitted to uPVC, aluminium and timber windows.
  • It is releasable, simply pull the window sash towards you and then flick the restrictor off with you other hand.
  • It is discretely fixed to the window frame and sash. It is hidden when the window is closed
  • It automatically catches and restricts the window opening every time the window is opened
  • It limits the window opening to 75mm – 100mm (3” to 4”).

How To Install A Window Restrictor

Watch our instructional video below to see how to a Mila Window Restrictor on a uPVC window

Sash Jammers For Tilt & Turn Windows

The Mila restrictor will suit the vast majority of windows, but there are some types of windows that it doesn’t suit eg. Tilt & turn windows. A sash jammer can be used on Tilt & Turn windows or on rebated timber and uPVC doors as an additional security device or as a window restrictor. You can view our sash jammers here.

Window Restrictors – Expert Advice

Over the years we’ve installed and sold countless window restrictors and have encountered every type of window possible. As such, please contact us online or comment below if you have any questions about window restrictors and their suitability for your windows.