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Aluminium windows were installed in homes and businesses across the length and breath of Ireland during the 80’s. Although PVC windows are now the standard choice for domestic properties, there still remains a large amount of houses and apartments around the country with aluminium windows. With the new requirements for landlords to fit restrictors on the windows in rental properties it is important to have restrictors that work for all types of windows.

Enhanced Window Restrictors

The enhanced window restrictors (like the Mila window restrictor) that are normally fitted on PVC windows don’t generally work on narrow framed windows, because there is not enough room on the window frame for the restrictor to fold up when closed, and gets jammed. So the solution for aluminium and narrow framed windows is the simple window restrictor for aluminium windows.

Enhanced Aluminium Window Restrictors - Window and Door Parts Ireland

Window Restrictors for Aluminium Windows

The simple window restrictor will not get jammed in the narrow frame of aluminium windows. This restrictor can also be used on other narrow framed windows, including some hardwood casement windows. When fitting these restrictors or any window product on windows above ground floor level, take extra care. Insure that you tie a cord or strap of some kind around your wrist and onto your drill or tools to prevent accidentally dropping it.

As with all the window restrictors that we sell, these window restrictors are releasable (not lockable), which is a requirement for the Irish building regulations. Always take extra care with children around windows.

How The Window Restrictor Works

The aluminium window restrictor catches onto the stud and is spring loaded to catch automatically when the window closes. Choose a position on the sash to fit the restrictor. The closer you fit the restrictor to the hinge the wider the restricted opening will be. Remember that the maximum restricted opening is 100mm.

How Window Restrictors Work

How To Fit An Aluminium Window Restrictor

The fitting instructions and guide to installing the alumium window restrictors can be found in the video below.

Aluminiuim Window Restrictors Available Now

The restrictors used in the video above are now available for purchase only and you can the aluminium window restrictors here. Ifyou’ve any questions about these restrictors or how to fit them then get in touch and am happy to help.